Simple Management for BIND - New Generation




This is a forked project from smbind.

This fork has many improvements, security changes and new features


  • New design (css based, customizable)
  • New .js library
  • Fully separated parts (one .js, one .css and the HTML part)
  • No inline CSS and JS (except the login captcha)
  • Key bindings
  • CSS based inline graphical elements

Security changes

  • Login with Google ReCaptcha validation
  • Password policy (JS based checking)
  • No password traffic in HTTP channel (JS based encryption)
  • Strict login and session checking

New features

  • Master and slave zones handling in one application
  • Zone preview
  • Zone checking before commit
  • Users can commit only their checked zones, no others
  • Admins can commit all checked zones (except deleted zones)
  • DNSSEC capabilities - it generetes automatically
    • Roller daemon handling
    • viewing zones with/without DNSSEC encryption
  • Import master zones from many bind sources
  • Check slave zones with zonetransfer
  • IDN capabilities - you just use UTF-8 characters


The main repository there is in my own site. Please use that mainly.